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11 Nifty Ideas For Throwing A Killer Halloween Party

Tips and tricks to help you paint the town dead this Halloween.

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2. ...served in real apple "cups".

Sarsmis / Getty Images

Use an apple corer and a pumpkin-carving utensil to remove the insides of the apple to create your very own apple cups. Fill with apple cider and garnish with a cinnamon stick! Not only do these look impressive, but they also mean less washing up at the end of the night!

3. Create a ghostly candlelit centrepiece.

Olgamiltsova / Getty Images

Set the mood for ghost stories with flickering candlelight. Get creative and place taper drip candles in empty glass bottles or take the shortcut and opt for flameless flickering candles instead.

4. Turn your bathroom into a hair-raising horror scene.

Csaksi / Getty Images

When it comes to decorating, don't forget to give your guests a fright in the bathroom. Apply bloody handprints to the tiles with fake blood or write a menacing message on the mirror. We dare you.

5. Keep your drinks bone-chillingly cold with this DIY pumpkin cooler.

Hemeroskopion / Getty Images

This is a handy use for a pumpkin when the carving goes wrong! Remove the top and carve out the inside before filling with ice (and your poison of choice). For extra points, use these pumpkin-, skull-, and brain-shaped Halloween ice cubes and give your guests a brain freeze.

6. Surround your guests in extra eeriness with a fog machine...

Gelner Tivadar / Getty Images

Help your guests make an spooktacular entrance and emerge through the fog thanks to this smoke machine. Set up flameless candles to help guide the way if you're feeling nice or lay out skeleton bones for a creepy surprise. Trick or treat!

7. ...and spread cobwebs around your furniture.

Tvirbickis / Getty Images

Halloween is the only time of year when finding cobwebs in your house is a good thing. Transform your home into a haunted house by entangling stretchable spider's webs around pieces of furniture or dangling them from the ceiling.

8. Capture boo-tiful memories with a DIY photo booth.

Tomertu / Getty Images

When are photo booths ever not fun? Upgrade your costumes (and your Insta game) with a creepy backdrop. Don't forget to throw in some frightfully fun props for the people who "forgot" to dress for the occasion.

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Halloween is a great time to let your imagination run riot, whether you're going to a full-on Halloween party or trick-or-treating with the kids. So this year, don't just cut holes in an old sheet to go as a ghost; check out the spine-tingling range on eBay and really have some Halloween fun!