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11 Nifty Ideas For Throwing A Killer Halloween Party

Tips and tricks to help you paint the town dead this Halloween.

1. Cast a spell over your guests with an apple cider punch...

2. ...served in real apple "cups".

3. Create a ghostly candlelit centrepiece.

4. Turn your bathroom into a hair-raising horror scene.

5. Keep your drinks bone-chillingly cold with this DIY pumpkin cooler.

6. Surround your guests in extra eeriness with a fog machine...

7. ...and spread cobwebs around your furniture.

8. Capture boo-tiful memories with a DIY photo booth.

9. Set the mood with pumpkin string lights.

10. Whip up these devilishly delicious Halloween cookies.

11. Keep it classy with cocktails served in these deadly elegant martini glasses.

Find everything you need for a frighteningly good party, thanks to eBay.

Halloween is a great time to let your imagination run riot, whether you're going to a full-on Halloween party or trick-or-treating with the kids. So this year, don't just cut holes in an old sheet to go as a ghost; check out the spine-tingling range on eBay and really have some Halloween fun!