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14 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Scarily Good

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1. Team Valor/Mystic/Instinct

2. Rey

3. The Scottish Widow (Or A Witch)

4. Maleficent

5. Presidential Candidates

6. Edward Scissorhands

7. Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne

8. Harley Quinn

9. The Joker

10. Ron Burgundy

11. Jon Snow

12. Daenerys Targaryen

13. Pirates!

14. Sausages!

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Halloween is a great time to let your imagination run riot, whether you're going to a full-on Halloween party or trick-or-treating with the kids. So this year, don't just cut holes in an old sheet to go as a ghost; check out the spine-tingling range on eBay and really have some Halloween fun!