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26 Christmas Jumpers You Can Totally Wear In November

'Tis the season! Almost! Get your Christmas jumper shopping done early this year with eBay!

1. This jumper puts the merry in Merry Christmas:

2. When all you want for Christmas is to crush the Rebel scum:

3. Dabbing under the mistletoe:

4. Because puns are the highest form of wit:

5. For the cheeky minion in you:

6. This stylish but salty number:

7. For when you want to go LOUD:

8. This is for the merc in you:

9. For when you want to be festive AND rep your colours:

10. 8-bit retro:

11. On Hoth, it's Christmas all year round!

12. The only jumper able to break the fourth wall:

13. Some jumpers just want to watch the world burn:

14. This is just too wonderful for words:

15. This jumper belongs to House Targaryen:

16. #NeverForget :/

17. This jumper is for when you just don't approve:

18. This will go nicely with that owl you asked for:

19. This bulbaceous number:

20. For when you want to get straight to the point:

21. This jumper's a vintage classic:

22. While this one keeps it Christmassy and classy:

23. For when you're full of surprises:

24. This pun's a bit of a stretch, but that's what makes it great:

25. You go, Glen Coco!

26. And for when you really just want to buy the ugliest/coolest jumper possible:

Looking for that sweet Christmas jumper no one else will have? eBay has you covered!

You may only get to wear them for a few weeks a year, but Christmas jumpers are still an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe and a key element of any Christmas picture with family and friends.

eBay has an enormous choice of Christmas jumpers for men, women, kids, and even pets! Find the perfect fit for you before time runs out!

(All images courtesy of eBay.)