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12 Surefire Ways To Make Friends At A Festival

Your vibe attracts your tribe! In the chaos of this summer's music festival scene, you're bound to add unforgettable memories and kids to your crew with these fun tips and tools — all available on eBay!

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Piling up lightweight camping pillows provides a dreamy cloud puff to pass out on, while tapestries set the mood AND keep out the blazing sun.

Whether USB/battery powered or from the flick of the wrist, you gotta have a fan in hand to grow your festival fam as the sun blazes!

New day, new theme. New friends all over the place with the same agenda! Find out how one funny costume turned into a crucial friend-finding landmark right here!

Temporary tattoos — like adorably en vogue metallic flash tats — are the perfect way to keep your tribe intact, and add new members to the crew by sticking on your symbols and styles.

Add yourself to the lineup, take it on tour around the grounds, and ensure everyone's entertained everywhere.

Perfect accessories + an outgoing attitude = festival heaven and friendship... we have proof!

No matter who's in your festival crew, make sure to get all the essentials and more right to your door thanks to eBay!