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11 Reasons Early Gift Shoppers Give The Best Gifts

What better way to make sure you get the perfect gift for everyone than to be a first-minute shopper instead of a last-minute one?

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1. You feel as powerful as Santa, knowing all the holiday joy you will bring to your loved ones with the gifts you scored super early.

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There is nothing better than making the people you love super happy over the holidays, really.

2. You don't need to worry about the weather delaying shipping and ruining your holiday.

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"Nooooo! But my boyfriend would have LOVED that!" —not you this year

3. The greatest possible gift for your grandma gets to you in plenty of time, no expedited shipping needed.

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And that is a weight off your shoulders, tbh.

4. You can sleep in on Black Friday and enjoy your morning coffee at your leisure, then go to brunch with your besties.

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Honestly there's nothing better.

5. You can take your mom out to dinner with the money you saved getting some sweet deals.

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Gift round one: spending time together.

6. You don't have to deal with the guilt of realizing you STILL haven't gotten your favorite person in the whole world a gift yet.

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What's that, guilt? You're powerless against first-minute shopping?

7. You can take the time to wrap your gifts beautifully (or, you know, get really fancy bags if you're not that great at wrapping). / Via

Your gift wrap says "I love you" just as much as your gift does!

8. The thing your best friend really, really wants isn't out of stock.

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Good!!! Because she deserves the whole world!!!

9. When you're done shopping a month earlier than everyone else, knowing you got the PERFECT thing for everyone you love, you can look at the treasures you've accumulated and feel like a total boss.

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Someone write you a superhero theme song stat.

10. You don't accidentally find your roommate's secret gift stash while trying to hide your own.

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Ah, the struggles of being a first-minute shopper who lives with a (shudder) last-minute shopper.

11. But most importantly, you get to see the look on the face of everyone you love as you give them the perfect gift.

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^ Them, tbh.

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