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11 Poster-Free Decorating Hacks Every College Student Should Know

Skip the clichés and dress your dorm room up in something truly original — eBay is a perfect source for all things back-to-school, for both students and parents.

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3. Create a color-coded storage system.

Keep the peace and add color to shared spaces by using storage cubes to evenly divide shelves and other storage units. Each roommate can pick a color and store their belongings in the corresponding cube.

4. Hang pictures, postcards, and other keepsakes on a clothesline.


Taping memorabilia to your walls isn't just boring; it can also ruin your stuff! Solve both problems by hanging all your favorite things from a clothesline.

6. Use colorful rugs and bedding to give a boring white room personality.


You can spruce up a sterile space without putting anything on the walls! Just invest in interesting bedding and a matching area rug. They're functional items you need, and if you pick them carefully, they'll dress up your entire room.

7. Get creative with string lights.

Three words: string light canopy!!! Instead of draping your lights around your door, do it above your bed. Or maybe that's not your style, and that's OK: You can always dress up strands with paper cups or cupcake liners to make the lights do double-duty as a garland.

8. Add color and warmth to your room with yarn crafts.


Don't worry — you don't have to be able to knit or macramé to fill your dorm with fuzzy decor: Hanging colorful strands from your wall, using yarn to create line art, and braiding your favorite colors are all simple, easy ways to up your room's cozy quotient. You just need some craft supplies and imagination!

9. Use a clothing rack to turn your clothes into an art piece.

Turning your storage solutions into decor is easy! If you love fashion, don't hide your clothes away in the closet. Neatly hang your favorite pieces on a clothing rack, and — voilà! — you've got yourself a mini art installation.

11. Dress up potted plants with paint, glitter, and googly eyes.

Plants are a great way to improve the energy of any room! If you're feeling ambitious, try painting your own planters. If you just want a fast fix, put some googly eyes on your favorite little planted fella.

Make your dorm room your own with help from eBay, the smarter source for back to school!