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How To Holiday Shop Like A BuzzFeed Creator

The best gifts are the ones made just for the people you love. Shop personalized gifts this year from eBay.

When BuzzFeed creator Erin Phraner was looking for the perfect, nifty gifts to give to her loved ones this year, she turned to eBay's new personalization tool.

This tool allows you to customize gifts like apparel, jewelry, kitchenwares, and home decor so you can add names or monograms to products you already love.

Erin customized items like a cutting board for her grandmother...

Erin wrapping monogram cutting board

...and a monogrammed whiskey decanter set for her cousin.

Monogrammed whiskey decanter and glasses featured in holiday flat lay

Each gift is unique and personalized with love. Plus, you can shop by recipient, so whether you're looking for gifts for your dad, for kids, or for even for pets, eBay has you covered.

So if you want to shop like a BuzzFeed creator this year and gift from the heart with items as unique and special as the ones you love...

Monogramed whiskey decanter pictured on a bar cart with holiday elements

Head to eBay and check out their new personalization tool. The only limit is your imagination!