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Which Bakery Boy Are You?

Good luck

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  1. What is your favorite movie?

    The Shawshank Redemption
    Remember the Titans
    Hot Rod
    Remember the Titans...
    Captain America Civil War
    Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
    Good Will Hunting
    Hot Rod...
    The Incredible Hulk
  2. Where are you most likely to be if you have a few hours to kill?

    The Gym
    Coffee Shop
    Roh's Street Cafe
    My Room
    On the Computer
    Bummin in the lab listening to vinyls
    Cheapside Cafe or Coffee Emporium
    The Bakery
    Couch playing video games
  3. If you could only listen to one Artist/Band for the rest of the year, who would it be?

    I have back problems
    Chance the Rapper baby!!!
    Eric Batke
    Kendrick Lamar
    Justin Vernon
    (Old) Green Day. New Green Day sucks.
    Twenty One Pilots
    The Decemberists
    Chance because he's just so great
    Twenty One Pilots
    Mumford and Sons
    Waka Flaka Flame
  4. Celebrity Crush?

    Emma Watson
    Alex Mason
    Blake Lively
    Holiday mime girl at the mall
    Daisy Ridley
    Scarlett Johanson
    Alex Morgan
    Emma Watson from HP
    Blake Lively...
    Emma freaking Watson
  5. Why Should I hire you?

    I'm Unique
    I'm the best option
    Because I'm poor (pls have pity)
    Why not?
    I can say a couple words in Spanish
    Multiple felonies, resisting arrest, glutony
    My résumé speaks for itself. Frugal. Agile. Disciplined.
    I do not give up easily
    Because i got a killer smile and I don’t even use Colgate every morning.
    honestly, other people might be better suited for the job, but if you picked me, you wouldn't regret it ??
    I won't ask questions
  6. Favorite Dessert? Favorite Desert?

    Crème brûlée ; Antarctica (largest desert in the world)
    Brownies, Mojave
    Cheesecake, Mojave
    Multiple felonies, resisting arrest, glutony
    Krispy Kreme. Sahara
    Half price entree
    Cake. and Antarctica, bet you didn't know that was a desert!!!!!
    The fruit bowl; dark chocolate
    brownies. sandy ones
    Molten Chocolate Cake, Atacama
    Carrot Cake; Gobi
  7. Q7: Which celebrity would you have the smallest reaction to if they walked into a room you were in?

    John Green
    Mel Gibson
    justin bieber
    Mitchell Musso
    Drake Bell
    Justin Bieber
    Courtney Kardashian
    flo from the progressive commercials
    Rick Astly
    Luke Wilson, younger brother of Owen Wilson
    Jay Leno
  8. What is your Chipotle Order?

    A burrito
    chicken bowl to go, white rice no beans, add veggies. mild and hot. sour cream corn cheese and lettuce. no thanks. thanks.
    Burrito bowl with a tortilla in the bottom. Brown rice, black beans. Hot and mild salsa. Sour cream, cheese and lettuce.
    Steak Burrito fully loaded
    Burrito: White rice, black beans, fajitas, chicken, hot sauce, cheese, lettuce
    Chicken, black beans, corn and tomato, white rice, lettuce, cheese, guac, sometimes chips, water
    Black beans chicken mild salsa corn cheese sour Cream.
    Chicken with everything, no avacado ain't nobody got money for that
    Bowl. White rice, chicken, black beans, tomato, corn, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, vinegarette sauce
    Tazón, arroz blanco, frijoles, pollo, salsa suave, maíz, crema agria, guacamole
    Burrito in a bowl
    Burrito. White Rice. Pinto. Half Chicken/Steak. Cheese, Corn, light Tomato, lettuce, sour cream. Please :)
  9. Kiss Me?

    Not until we're married
    ayyy lemme take you out to dinner first
    I'm Irish?
    Through the phone
    Oh like the song by One Direction?
    You got chapstick?
  10. What would you do with a $100 bill you found on the ground?

    Buy groceries
    Buy 1 page of my college text books
    Buy some Skyline
    taco bell on me
    Buy a jacket.
    Put it in my bank
    Buy a puppy. Probably a husky. Maybe a Golden.
    Spend it on my girl she my princess
    Invest into my growing Roth IRA
    Save it
    Lottery tickets

Which Bakery Boy Are You?

You got: Tyler Dillow

You must be dating Andress Bolger!! You are the definition of a good guy, who would never ask for a water cup and get a soda. You love all sports, especially soccer and hockey. Tyler? I barely know her!

Tyler Dillow
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You got: Zac Eklund

You are the second fastest man in the house, but you think you are the fastest. You love burgers, drums, and anything that includes your incredible hair. You are a good man from a good family.

Zac Eklund
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You got: Jasper Lett

You are the cake boy of 2016! Congratulations. You have a fantastic smile, and everyone knows it, and your calm presence in the room makes everyone happier. You are good with the ladies, and can be found listening to Kendrick and SuperDuperKyle in your free time. You make Dragonball-Z seem cool!

Jasper Lett
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You got: Clay McQuown

You aren't like anyone in The Bakery, so you are like Clay, who doesn't live there! You are a lone wolf. You are unpredictable and are out to be the public enemy of The Hotel. You like grocery shopping at midnight, and are always just picking. Congrats for living in the annex!

Clay McQuown
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You got: CJ Pendergast

Congratulations! You are the house handyman! You are literally a carpenter at just the age of 21, but also an unbelievable servant. You are so left-brained you are almost right-brained! Math is your love language, but so is Maddie Garrett. Keep on drinking Ale8 and making great bacon!

CJ Pendergast
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You got: Ben Schneider

Wow. Pretty unbelievable you got this result because we were all under the impression there was no one in the world like Schneides. You like to slackline I guess? You like your life on the edge at all times, healthy neck or not. Also on the side you are a genius! Dang I wish I got Schneides.

Ben Schneider
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You got: Aaron Devilbiss

If you got Aaron that 100% means you are going to become a doctor! Congratulations. You got your finger cut open while ice skating, but you could stitch yourself back up, because you are 100% going to be a doctor! You would rather eat carrots than Krispy Kreme Donuts, and driving stick shift is a part of life. You are lucky to get this result!

Aaron Devilbiss
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You got: Eric Batke

Did somebody say Gomez? You love Homage. Like way too much. Seriously stop wearing so much Homage. You are the original Cake Boy, but are locked down now. You love coffee and Hamilton, and you occasionally run marathons and host radio shows. Okay im done this is awkward cause im the one writing all of these lol

Eric Batke
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You got: Ben Graff

You are the house pledge! You are the precious, 97 pound baby boy of the house. You are incredibly tech-savvy, and love cooking on the side. You are a servant behind the camera, and the size of your heart makes up for the size of your arms.

Ben Graff
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You got: Stephen George

Look at that bowtie! Stephen rocks that bowtie, and you probably do too! You are one of the nicest people in the world, and everyone likes you (especially the ladies). Too bad you are taken, by Miss Saigon.

Stephen George
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You got: Tyler Henley

You are a model. You must be. You have to be. Other than being ridiculously good looking, you don't smile for pictures, because it's funny. You are a Star Wars geek, a flight enthusiast, and one of the most American men out there. You love your grammy, and for good reason. Stay Golden, pony boy.

Tyler Henley
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You got: Ian Geverdt

Hard to get a picture of this one, mostly because you are normally behind the camera shooting awesome photography. You know your hobbies and you know them well. Climbing, listening to vinyl, and playing League of Legends are three of your favorites, and your personal heaven is Miguel's Pizza. Truly a jack of all trades, and the fastest one in the house.

Ian Geverdt
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