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Why David Cook Is The Most Underrated American Idol Winner We've Ever Had

David Cook graced America with his presence when we first saw him on American Idol in 2008. What we didn't know at the time was that he would arguably be the most iconic American Idol winner that the world would *not* keep talking about for years to come (9 years later to be exact).

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His Audition

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He sung "Livin' On A Prayer," a true American classic, now sung by a true American hero. He got a golden ticket, "oooh we're halfway there" (not really, he still had like 98347 more rounds to dominate in)

His Persona

With his edgy hair (so 2000's) and his argyle sweater, how could America NOT fall in love with Cook on his first appearance on Fox!? Let's all remember 24 year old Oklahoman bartender, David Cook, in his ever trendy, argyle sweater and red hair. Thank you David for this gift to America in the mid 2000's.

American Idol Itself

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David Cook appeared on American Idol during season 7 of the show. At the time we still had all 3 members to the judge squadron, Randy, Paula, and Simon. After they left the show plummeted. The judges began leaving the show soon after David Cook won... coincidence? I think not.

The Battle of the Davids

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These two boys stole America's hearts. A battle through the end. A bromance if you will. What's not to love about the Davids?

Note: Some may say that David Archuleta ended up being more successful... you can stop reading now if this applies to you. Hannah Montana can only make a person so successful. Sorry not sorry.

His Love for Doing Good

Danielle Sklarew

Every year my friends walk the Race for Hope for brain cancer awareness in Washington, D.C. And guess who's there too!? You guessed right! THE David Cook, in all his glory, dad sunglasses and all. Thank you David Cook, for still having style almost a decade since the argyle sweater.

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