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14 High-Quality Cannabis Products From Eaze That'll Take Your Daily Regimen To New Heights

This year and beyond, get your relaxation on with Eaze cannabis delivery service. Whether you're looking for a light snack or a sip of cannabis-infused tonic, Eaze is here to elevate your day-to-day.

1. Everyday semi-premium flower

Bedside table adorned with grinders and Everyday products

Known for partnering with expert growers to produce "exotic bud," Everyday products are highly potent and created with the "discerning consumer" in mind.

Find Everyday products here.

2. Circles flower, preroll, and vaporizers

Circle product packages dispersed over green backdrop

With a mission to provide "affordable, clean, [and] safe cannabis," Circles offers a range of different products and strains.

Find Circles products here.

3. Social Equity flowers, prerolls, concentrates, and more

Product imagery featuring different flowers, a blunt, and a tincture

Shop Eaze's Social Equity menu to support BIPOC founders. Buying brands such as KGB Reserve and Oakland Extracts help rectify the damages of the war on drugs.

Find Social Equity Partners products here.

4. PLUS gummies and mints

Three different flavors of PLUS strains: Lemon Jack, Pineapple Express, and Granddaddy Purple

A first of its kind, PLUS pays homage to the essence of the cannabis plant with their strain-specific gummies. PLUS blends cannabis-derived terpenes with all-natural fruit ingredients to deliver edibles as delicious as they are evocative of the potent flowers they're inspired by.

Find PLUS gummies and mints here.

5. Emerald Sky hard candies and gummies

Product image of Emerald Sky Wild Berry cannabis-infused gummies
Emerald Sky

These high-quality gummies and licorice bites from Emerald Sky make for a perfectly enlightened snack experience.

Find Emerald Sky confections here.

6. PUNCH edibles

White chocolate with ginger bread PUNCH bar surrounded by holiday lights and atop artificial snow

Uncover your sweet tooth with PUNCH Edibles & Extracts' limited edition white chocolate with gingerbread bar, featuring creamy white chocolate and homemade gingerbread cookie. PUNCH Edibles & Extracts is an award-winning California-born brand known for their sensibly sized and high-dose edibles.

Find PUNCH bars here.

7. Grav prefilled glass joints

Assorted Grav product packages

Elevate your day-to-day experience with unique, prefilled glass joints from Grav. Fully recyclable and available in varied sizes and strains, Grav products prioritize convenience and quality.

Find Grav prefilled glass joints here.

8. Herbology vaporizers

A smattering of Herbology products, including their vaporizers and cartridges

Employing "world-class extraction techniques," Herbology vaporizers and cartridges put the high in high quality.

Find Herbology products here.

9. Island preroll packs

Island preroll packages surrounded by holiday wrapping paper

Sourced from small farms across California, Island's preroll collection is a festive celebration of the Golden State's best offerings.

Find island preroll packs and additional products here.

10. Leune prerolls and PAX pods

Product image of Leune vape cartridge beside a holly leaf

Offering a "modern take on clean, high-quality cannabis," Leune's collection features a variety of preroll products and PAX pods to take your day-to-day activities to new heights.

Find Leune products here.

11. Select vaporizers

Hand with manicured fingernails holds a Select vaporizer

Packed with activated and broad-spectrum oil, Select vaporizers are big on THC and flavor.

Find Select vaporizer products here.

12. Jetty PAX pods and resin

Product image of Jetty pods and resin

Known for their signature wood-tipped cartridges and for sourcing their cannabis from family-owned farms, Jetty provides cannabis products you can feel good about.

Find Jetty products here.

13. Mad Lilly spritzers

Three different K-Zen spritzers and tonics

Skip your go-to alcohol-laden beverages for something a little more elevated with Mad Lilly spritzers. Available in flavors like passion fruit mango and raspberry hibiscus, these spritzers are both delicious and fast-acting.

Find Mad Lilly spritzers here.

14. Lakegrade flower and preroll

Product image of Lakegrade preroll packages

Enticed by the prospect of all-natural, sun-grown cannabis? If so, Lakegrade's line of products โ€” including five proprietary strains and ergonomic prerolls โ€” may prove the highlight of your daily routine.

Find Lakegrade products here.

Check out Eaze's extensive variety of cannabis offerings today!