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#TheBigList: 25 Home-Bakers & Shops For The Booziest Alcoholic Cakes In Delhi

Alcoholic cakes are all the rage again, since Navratri are over and so are our fasts, we bring to you a list of cakes you should be ordering now! Please excuse us if we seem a little woozy by the end of it.

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Irish Tiramisu at The Big Chill Cafe

The Big Chill Cafe always scores top points on our dessert lists, including this one for boozy cakes. Their rum-infused tiramisu has us swooning, but it’s their Irish Tiramisu splashed with vodka that will give you a strong hit! If coffee isn't your choice of accompaniment with alcohol, opt for chocolate truffle flavoured with rum.

Explore more about The Big Chill Cafe here.

Dark Chocolate and Old Monk Mousse at Lavaash By Saby


Lavaash isn't just our top restaurant for their savoury dishes but also for their Old Monk Mousse. Let’s just agree Dark Chocolate and Old Monk is a match made in heaven and Lavaash displays that beautifully.

Explore more about Lavaash by Saby here.

Old Monk Chocolate Cake at Monkey Bar

The Old Monk Chocolate Cake satiates both your sugar and alcohol cravings. Decadent and rich, it is topped with caramel and praline. We could travel all the way to the bar just for a piece of this smashing cake! And, since we are going anyway, a plate of chicken wings and a glass of beer never hurt anyone.

Explore more about Monkey Bar here.

Bailey's Cookie Cream Parfait at The Hungry Monkey

The Hungry Monkey

The place does a special alcohol-infused menu and we don't know what to think! The dessert on their special menu is a stunning Bailey’s Cookie Cream Parfait. Try it?

Explore more about The Hungry Monkey here.

Classic Tiramisu at Elma’s Bakery

The classic tiramisu at Elma’s Bakery is giving us some serious dessert goals. Though the name suggests traditional flavours, they skip the usual rum for Kahlua, which is a coffee-flavoured, sugar-based liqueur from Mexico, infused with vanilla bean. Try it for yourself!

Explore more about Elma’s Bakery here.

Triple Decker at Whipped


The usual boozy cakes at Whipped include the Kahlua Mousse and Baileys A'lamode. However, it’s their signature Triple Decker made with Baileys Irish cream liqueur, truly wooing us. The chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse and Baileys mousse come together to form one of the most sinful cakes in town.

Explore more about Whipped here.

Dark Chocolate Beer Cake at Madison and Pike

Madison and Pike

We couldn't leave out the Gurgaon folks when compiling a tipsy cake list, so here is one of our favourites - Madison Pike. They do a sinfully indulgent Dark Chocolate Beer Cake with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting. BRB, booking a cab to go pick this up.

Explore more about Madison and Pike here.

Baked Love By Vastala

Baked By Vastala

They have a wide variety of alcoholic desserts including beer cupcakes, whisky choux and dark rum mousse cake. To top it all, their desserts are made without artificial flavourings! The Whiskey Caramel Choux is on our list for cheat days.

Explore more about Baked By Vastala here.

The Brown Box

Their Baileys Irish Rum Cheesecake comes highly recommended and their fondant decorations are just mesmerising. Though we might skip the fondant, the cheesecake is pretty much 'bae'.

Explore more about The Brown Box here.

Angel and Devil's Bakery

Angel and Devil's Bakery

They have a whole section, which is called Devils, entirely dedicated to alcoholic desserts. On our list? Bourbon Black Forest, Shot In A Cupcake and Bourbon Butterscotch Cupcake. And of course, an Old Monk Cake.

Explore more about Angel and Devil's Bakery here.

Let's Bake Love By Sara

We found their JD Blast Cake and Absolutely Absolut quite intriguing! Give them a try and do let us know how they turn out. We are also pretty tickled with the names of their alcohol desserts: Bhandii Cake, Absolutely Absolut, Old Monk Baba and Rum & Vodka Tripchoco Tart.

The Sugar Window

The Sugar Window

Give them a call for their Chocolate Whisky & Caramel Cake. This cake is the reason we have faith in the culinary arts of home-bakers.

Explore more about The Sugar Window here.

Caakes Heaven

Try out Whisky and Bourbon Cupcakes and cakes at Caakes Heaven run by Paayal Chopra.

Explore more about Caakes Heaven here.


Want an eggless tipsy cake? Call up Cakeatouille for an Eggless Chocolate Whisky Cake. This is a chocolate sponge cake soaked in whisky syrup, frosted in chocolate whisky ganachè and with a drizzle of whisky caramel. Yum!

Explore more about Cakeatouille here.

The Dessert Lab

Try out Whisky and Bourbon Cupcakes and cakes at Caakes Heaven run by Paayal Chopra.

Explore more about Caakes Heaven here.

Wake and Bake

Wake and Bake

They do a range of cocktail cupcakes and we can't wait to try out their red wine chocolate cupcake made with Merlot! The Green Leprechaun is made with Mint Bailey's and a super boozy ganache! This is one alcoholic cake we can get behind.

Explore more about Wake and Bake here.

Healthy Bakers

Opt for their Vanilla Cake infused with vodka and filled with orange flavoured chocolate or Butterscotch Cake with rum, filled with caramel and topped with cream for something different.

Explore more about Healthy Bakers here.

Dessert Art by Deepali Modi

Christmas Cake, Tiramisu, Bailey's Chocolate Cake, Old Monk Fudge Brownies are some of the alcoholic selections you can try.

Sinfully Yours

Get a cake customised for yourself at Sinfully Yours or choose their Marbled Bailey's Chocolate Torte for something unique.

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