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Eastwood Company The Eastwood Company offers unique tools and supplies for repair, restoration, and modification of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Founded in 1978, Eastwood has been helping hobbyists and professionals "Do The Job Right" for over 30 years.
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  • How-To Spray And Finish A Candy Paint Job- Bayone Customs Exclusive

    Our good friend TC and Bay One Customs are building a killer custom truck that’s a replica of an original Chevy Concept vehicle (read more here: HERE) to show at SEMA 2013. Recently TC and crew built a custom center console for the truck and they showed us how to spray it in a candy paint job and flow-coat the clear coat. These are the pro-tips that are the secret to creating that deep, wet paint job that you see on all of the top show cars at SEMA. Catch the videos below and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some sneak peaks of the truck sprayed in Eastwood top coats!

  • Neato Burrito – DIY Photograph Your Ride Like A Pro

    In last week’s West Coast Report 18 I expanded a little on how to get your ride into a magazine, and promised a follow-up on how to photograph your ride like a pro. Oh, and by expanded I didn’t mean I was experiencing a bad reaction to cabbage burritos. Although I have to warn you guys never request extra cucumber slices on a cabbage and anchovies burrito… it’ll create the mother of all gut bombs. Oh, and never ever forget the “always carry an extra pair of shorts and Levis” rule.

  • Amazing 1963 Ford Econoline Van At Hot Rod Homecoming

    Check out this amazing customized 1963 Ford Econoline Van we saw at the Hot Rod Magazine 65th Anniversary Homecoming in Pomona in March 2013. It’s been making the rounds at all the biggest shows including the Grand National Roadster Show. It was built by Coby from Church Magazine.

  • Jay Leno — Tessa’s Toolbox — Stripping To Striping

    Without a doubt I think the most famous and beloved gearhead in the world is Jay Leno. Sure, all the big time comedians have exstensive car collections, but Jay is the only guy that mingles amongst the car crazy masses and is frequently spotted driving his collection. The first time I ever saw Jay Leno in public was at a Christmastime gearhead get-together at a friend of a friend’s. That was Dean Hensley’s house in Pasadena. The year must have been around 1988, I was checking out a veteran era motorcycle amongst many displayed in the terraced hillside backyard when “Goofy”, my girlfriend at the time said “hey that guy looks just like Jay Leno.” I looked over at the In ‘N Out trailer that was handing out free hamburgers, and sure enough the guy reaching for a “double-double” at the front of the line was Jay Leno.

  • Tom The Mongoose McEwen Truck & Duster Funny Car Restored By Don The Snake Prudhomme

    One of the best rivalries of all time was between the Funny Car duo of Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” Mcewen. The Snake, in his yellow Plymouth Barracuda, and The Mongoose in his red Duster were the biggest thing in drag racing from the mid 60s to the early 70s. Their rivalry peaked in 1970 when “Mattel Hot Wheels” sponsored their match races and the duo formed “Wildlife racing Inc.”

  • Chopit Kustom Cars And Interview - Eastwood

    Check out this cool interview with the Nick and Fabian Fioto - the young guys from Chopit Kustom in Orange County, California. Gary “Chopit” Fioto relocated his business and family from the East Coast in 2011 and we recently had the opportunity to visit his awesome hot rod shop and interview his two sons.

  • Eastwood English Wheel - How To Make A Fender Flare And Techniques

    About Eastwood’s Knock-Down English Wheel 20” throat and 18” internal height make this unit one of the largest bench-top English Wheels on the market. Large 8” wheel and 5” radius anvil wheel offer unsurpassed forming ability. Rigid frame is fabricated like large bridge spans, with doubler plates and structural hardware, offering the most rigid frame in its class. Micro-adjustable anvil adjustment wheel. X and Y axis adjustment on the large forming wheel allows even the most experienced fabricator the adjustability to set up the wheel to personal preference. Structural frame is fabricated from 2”x3”x0.187”-wall cold-rolled steel and high-tensile-strength hardware.

  • Vinyl And Dashboard Repair Kit With Sealant Foam

    Fix Vinyl, Plastic, or Leather Upholstery and Padded Dashes. Now one kit does it all. We’ve combined the Vinyl and Dash Repair Kits to produce one complete kit for both upholstery and dashboard repair needs. Make professional looking repairs at home. Match color with seven different colors provided; select the appropriate graining paper to duplicate the finish. Apply heat with the included micro disc iron, and repair is done. Kit includes 7 colors, graining papers, spatula, micro disc iron, instr. When dash cracks are too big for minor repair, use spray foam, trim as needed and finish with repair kit.

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