26 Things Only A Marathon Runner Will Understand

Carb-loading, refuelling, chafing, blisters, tapering - all words that marathon runners like yourselves use every day, while mere mortals can only stand by and admire you. Stand up and take your applause - you’ve trained for this.

1. You struggle to talk about any subject other than marathon training

2. Having to fit in a six mile run even if you are having the busiest day ever

3. Being open and honest about the state of your feet

4. Becoming an expert on physiotherapy

5. Prefixing every unhealthy food item with ‘protein’ to convince yourself that it’s a good thing

6. Your life being no longer lived in days, hours or minutes but by pace, average speed and cadence

Zack Sylvan

7. Suffering from maranoia – psychological injuries that only flare up two weeks before a marathon

8. Eating your breakfast and leaving enough time so that it doesn’t come back up when you run

9. Becoming a pro at popping blisters

10. Chafing is for beginners

11. You react graciously to the question “you mean you have fun running?”

12. Punching the air while singing along to your favourite power anthem

13. Knowing that endorphins are not from Free Willy

14. Your laundry pile is running clothes

15. Being able to eat all the food

16. Embracing the ice bath

17. Leaving a social occasion early as you’re running tomorrow

18. Mentioning the word ‘marathon’ in an ironic way because you become aware you’re saying it ALL THE TIME

19. You live for carbs

20. You have an unhealthy relationship with your GPS watch

21. Changing the term ‘mealtime’ to ‘refuelling’

22. You’re dying inside, then you see the race photographer

23. Finding stairs tricky the day after the marathon

24. Saying never again

25. Embarking on that first run after a marathon

26. Signing up to another one

We’re all #RealRunners.
With the same ups and downs.
But we’re all in it together.
And we always feel better after a run.

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