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I Tried This Iconic Homemade Yogurt Brand From New Zealand — And Here's What Happened

There's nothing like having lashings of freshly-made yogurt from grass-fed cows at your disposal.

Making my own yogurt always sounded like something I should totally be on board with. But, to be honest, it did strike me as a bit of a fantasy. Like baking your own bread or making your own granola — great in theory, but in reality, way too time-consuming and fiddly. Enter, EasiYo.

I had heard a little bit about EasiYo's amazing yogurt-maker — which has been getting a lot of buzz for its genius simplicity, and was thrilled to hear that I could get my hands on it.

Even still, I honestly had no idea that making my own Greek Style yogurt could be so simple.

I was beyond happy (and relieved) to find there were only three steps to the process. It really was as simple as it looked. The first step was to mix a packet of yogurt powder with room-temperature drinking water in the EasiYo jar — by giving it a good shake.

Then I had to add boiling water to the yogurt-maker and place the jar inside. After that, it was just a case of leaving it to do its thing and set for 8-12 hours, before placing it in the fridge to chill.

And...ta-da! There you have it: Thick and creamy Greek Style yogurt. As if by magic.

What also stuck me was the volume of yogurt I'd got from just one packet.

I was desperate to see how I could use all of my freshly made yogurt and after browsing the EasiYo recipes, one thing became clear: Yogurt is ridiculously versatile. You can use it in so many meals — both sweet and savory.

In total, I made five meals with my Greek Style yogurt — all using recipes from EasiYo's website. I made some crispy chicken burgers, which featured a satisfyingly crunchy coleslaw made with the yogurt, heavenly mushroom fettuccine, unbelievably creamy banana smoothies, a super simple pizza base — and even pancakes.

The verdict? I don't think I'll be making a recipe that doesn't include Greek Style Yogurt for a while.

Beyond the simple recipes that I went for, you can use yogurt in so many salads and dips, cookies and tarts, and various types of home-made bread like focaccia, garlic and herb knots, or this zucchini bread, which I'm 100% making next...

Did I mention the yogurt-maker requires no electronic parts or power, so you can keep it anywhere on your countertop and move it around freely? Another bonus!

Give it a try for yourself. If you like things kept super simple and easy, head over to EasiYo and learn more about making delicious, fresh yogurt at home — it's definitely got the feel-good factor.