The 10 Best Worst Cops From TV And Film

Whether he’s clumsy with the gun or unable to read the Miranda rights correctly, goofy cops that are horrible at their jobs are funny to watch on TV and in movies. Here’s a collection of some of the worst cops for your amusement. And make sure to check out Marshal Chris Monsanto in Eagleheart. An all new season returns Thursdays at midnight ET on Adult Swim.

Post Inspired By Marshal Chris Monsanto in "Eagleheart."

Marshal Chris Monsanto returns Thursday, April 12 to Adult Swim for another season of blood, guts, and questionably-necessary justice dispensation.

1. Frank Drebin ("Police Squad!" and "Naked Gun")

Sergeant Frank Drebin is the bumbling fool causing problems in the Police Department while being oblivious to everything.

2. Barney Fife ("The Andy Griffith Show")

Barney is the sheriff of the sleepy town of Mayberry, North Carolina. He takes the tiny infractions (like jaywalking) very seriously, and he solves the simplest of crimes with over-the-top, unnecessary solutions.

3. Detective James Carter ("Rush Hour")

James Carter just wants to have fun with pretty ladies. Too bad Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) has other plans, and takes Carter along for the ride.

4. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane ("Dukes of Hazzard")

Sheriff Coltrane is another one of TV’s bumbling cops. He likes to start car chases and is the right-hand man to the corrupt Boss Hog.

5. Lt. Dangle ("Reno 911")

He’s the Lieutenant with the short-shorts and awesome mustache. He’s sassy, and he carries a gun. Better beware.

6. Buford T. Justice ("Smokey And The Bandit")

Buford is the foul-mouthed Texas county sheriff of “Smokey And The Bandit.” Most of the time Bandit is right under his nose, and he is is oblivious to it!

7. Officer Trey Sellars ("Showtime")

Trey Sellars just wanted to play a cop on TV! He never wanted to actually be one!

8. Inspector Gadget ("Inspector Gadget")

Go-go-gadget hijinks! The Inspector wants to uncover evil plots, but it’s usually his niece, Penny and her dog Brain who save the day.

9. Chief Wiggum ("The Simpsons")

Chief Wiggum is the inept and lazy cop of Springfield. He’d rather eat donuts than police the city.

10. Thorny, Mac, Rabbit, Foster And Farva ("Super Troopers")

These state troopers know how to have a good time with pranks and maple syrup! Too bad that means screwing up on the job.

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