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Top Ten Most Mind-Blowingly Crazy State Fair Food

With most of the nation's state fairs only a month or two away, THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS. Each year you think, NO WAY can chefs and state fair aficionados find a way to top last year's menu and continue to perverse America's culinary culture, but THEY DO. So here's a list dedicated to some state fair foods whose inventiveness blew our minds (and our colons twenty minutes after consumption). *Note: All dishes are served with a side of Tums.

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1. Pizza Cone

Via Bay News 9

Location: Florida State Fair 2013

The legendary Pizza Cone has been around for a while now, but this year the Pizza Cone made an appearance at the Florida State Fair way back in February (we get it Florida…you’re warm, but you’re weird). I know what you’re thinking and YES. Pizza can be sexy.

4. Hot Beef Sundae


Location: Indiana State Fair 2010

Hot Beef Sundae: Marinated beef. Mashed potatoes. Gravy. Cheese. Even topped with a cherry (tomato, that is...). Think of all the burly Midwest men ordering this, taking a bite, and then nodding to themselves contently, saying, "This is how we DO."

10. Corn Dog

Via Dallas News

Location: Texas State Fair, 1942

Yes, there have been many crazy state fair foods out there in recent years, but NOTHING beats this classic, the corn dog. Can you IMAGINE the pandemonium that erupted in 1942 when the "corny dog" was first introduced by the Fletcher brothers? "What? What is this piece of bread on a stick? It just tastes likes cornbrea-OMFG THERE'S A HOT DOG IN HERE!"

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