as solitary as an oyster
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  • 90s Food Commercials Report Card

    Hey 90s kids, ever wax nostalgic on those colorful, borderline-seizure-causing commercials that used to fill your Saturday mornings in between episodes of “Power Rangers” and “Rugrats”? Let’s see how some of the most popular commercials stack up now…graded on creativeness, persuasiveness, truthful representation and general classiness (some of these still work today, people!).

  • Top Ten Most Mind-Blowingly Crazy State Fair Food

    With most of the nation’s state fairs only a month or two away, THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS. Each year you think, NO WAY can chefs and state fair aficionados find a way to top last year’s menu and continue to perverse America’s culinary culture, but THEY DO. So here’s a list dedicated to some state fair foods whose inventiveness blew our minds (and our colons twenty minutes after consumption). *Note: All dishes are served with a side of Tums.

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