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13 Signs That Prove There Are Aliens Definitely Living Among Us

Be warned: One of them is probably watching you right now...

1. When they fail to grasp the basics of human fashion.

White Socks & Sandals Life @RWMayakoba

White sock and sandals? A dead giveaway.

2. When they laugh way too enthusiastically about something that isn't even funny.

3. And when they collect worthless rocks for research back on their alien planet.

Alien alert.

4. When it's so obvious they're hiding something from you.

5. When you notice their bizarre eating habits.

Just witnessed someone eat a burrito at chipotle with a fork and knife #aliensarereal

Alien: "We don't actually have burritos on Jupiter."

Human: "Stop lying."

6. And when they leave leftover alien food everywhere.

7. When you notice their inhuman abilities.

The length of time my brothers can fart is inhuman.... I'm beginning to consider it a talent #livingwithaliens 👽💨

Please report all alien sightings to your nearest police station.

8. Or when they're poking their alien noses into everything!

9. And when they stare at you incessantly with their alien eyes.

10. When they display random acts of superintelligence.

11. When they leave mysterious alien signs.

sooo I woke up this morning to go start my car & this happened. #aliensArereal

12. Or when they slip up on social media.

Heres why Aliens are real: 1: Too many UFO sightings. 2: Universe is humongous. 3: We are Among you. They are among us I mean, they are*

13. Oh, and when they abduct our cows.

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