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The 14 Worst Science Fiction Movies Since 2002

Science Fiction is a great genre with some pretty amazing movies...and unfortunately a whole bunch of REALLY awful ones. So I made a little list with some of them - since 2002. Otherwise the list would probably be infinite :)

Kidayna 5 years ago

13 Trailers That Ruined The Movie

Leaving a little something to the imagination? Nah - let's not do that, show them everything. That's actually what the producers of the following trailers seemed to think. See for yourself:

Kidayna 5 years ago

9 Unforgettable Music Themes Of TV/Movie Couples

Do you remember the times, when a couple in a movie or a TV-show got their own music theme? They do it today sometimes but well, not as often as you'd like. So here are my 9 favorite music themes - and yeah, nothing's ever going to beat Buffy & Angel.

Kidayna 5 years ago

10 Things You Should Know About Germans

There are a lot of things you might not know about Germans - for example we DO have humor! A lot of it! Of course there might be some exceptions to this list - just not number 10.

Kidayna 5 years ago