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14 Signs You Grew Up With Allergies

Seasoned veterans of the allergy struggle know how important it is to keep things clean and dust-free. But even those without allergies can benefit from the powerful suction of the Dyson handheld vacuum.

1. Your allergies have an origin story on the same level as a superhero's powers.

2. People always thought you were just sick.

3. Your less prepared (and nasally advantaged) friends could always count on you for an endless supply of tissues.

4. Nobody believed your excuses for avoiding certain chores...

5. ...and the chores you did were more in the interest of personal health than keeping your parents happy.

6. The only thing you got from thrift stores was a stuffy nose.

7. The willpower it took to ignore cute animals was nearly crippling.

8. A "contact sport" for you was any sport where you were at risk of coming into contact with grass.

9. Rudolph's red-nosed plight was especially relatable...

10. ...while your appreciation for the pollen forecast didn't exactly make your popularity soar.

11. A "breath of fresh air" meant staying in whichever room had the purifier.

12. Your inhaler was like another limb.

13. You were the original puff daddy.

14. The bogeyman didn't scare you half as much as the two million dust mites potentially lurking in your mattress.

Unlike the bogeyman, dust mites actually exist — LOTS of them (producing symptom-triggering feces). Thankfully the Dyson handheld vacuum is engineered for powerful suction to keep dust mite populations at bay and alleviate allergy problems.

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