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Which Member Of The Lopata Exiles Are You?

Find out which one of the zany characters you are

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  1. Where do you eat for lunch on an average day?

    Anywhere that isn't shit Wash U food
    Subway #eatfresh
    A vegetarian Restaurant
  2. What's your drink of choice?

    Some nice white wine
    Yo fuck that where's The Vape
    I dont drink
  3. Where is your ideal first date?

    A nice candle lit restaurant
    Obviously Tacos
    Ibby's, but only if we get Sangria
  4. What kind of music do you pregmae to?

    Major Lazer
    Something hard like Chief Keef
    Kanye #preech
    Silent Pre-game
  5. Someone walks back into the Suite after class how do you greet them?

    Sup bitch!
    Hey man you want a beer?
    Oh hello, how was your day?
    Aye whats good?
  6. Why did you get arrested?

    Public Intoxication
    I am a law abiding citizen!!
    Possession of an illegal substance
  7. How would your friends describe you?

    21 Savage
    Slightly crazy
  8. When I shop online I buy:

    Some sick posters and lights
    Shoes, but they always send you size a 10 instead of the size 9 that you ordered
  9. Favorite piece of clothing?

    Running shoes
    Any kind of hoodie
    Patterned socks
    A pair of chubbies
  10. Final Question: Your friend Alyssa is drunk and wants to go home. What do you say?

    Sure, but lets smoke this joint on the way back
    Who is Alyssa?
    Girl you extra
    Nah, I'm waiting on Isabella

Which Member Of The Lopata Exiles Are You?

You got: Gary Wang

You enjoy the finer things in life and are very careful, but you are also impulsive when you need to be. Nobody can parallel the amount of pocky you eat and on an average day you can often be seen doing comp sci and beefing with Aneesha.

Gary Wang
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You got: Clebert Gleaton Etheredge

You own ever type of alcohol imaginable and are often seen carrying around a "sippin beer". You like things very exact and can turn any conversation into a logical business analysis even when absolutely fucked.

Clebert Gleaton Etheredge
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You got: Keran Zhou

Literally the most studious person that people know, but you turn into a savage when people wake you up. You have to put up with the dumbasses you live with, but are nice to them regardless.

Keran Zhou
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You got: Dylan Wallace

You hate to eat the things that people love (aka pasta) and can be found with a hoodie on sleeping in your bed after getting a long day of being high in history class (if you actually go to class). Your favorite places to eat are Taco Bell, Subway, and the trash room,

Dylan Wallace
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