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23 Reasons Why Bugs Bunny Is Humanity's Greatest Creation

A countdown of the ways the Wascally Wabbit is not just the best cartoon character, but probably the best thing ever created, besides Space Jam.

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23. He's half Clark Gable

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According to Friz Freleng, Bugs Bunny was inspired by Clark Gable's fast talking, carrot munching character from the film It Happened One Night. Rabbits don't actually eat carrots, it was all Clark Gable.

22. And half Groucho Marx

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A brief display of the two icons' showing off their very beautiful and very similar singing voices. According to Chuck Jones, Bugs Bunny was also inspired by Groucho Marx, and his knack for pretending to be crazy.

21. With just a splash of Dorothy Parker

This poet/satirist gave us such amazing one-liners as - "Don't look at me in that tone of voice," "Brevity is the soul of lingerie," and "This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force."

Dorothy Parker is the inspiration for Bugs' sharp tongue.

19. He has one of the best catchphrases in history

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One possible origin for "What's up, Doc?" is that it was originally heard in the 1936 film My Man Godfrey as “What’s up, Duke?” and combined with Bugs Bunny creator, Tex Avery’s penchant for referring to people as “Doc” to form the phrase we all know and love

13. And last but not least, a rap song by Shaq

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This one is literally shocking, but we should all consider ourselves blessed for its existence.

12. He convinced a generation of kids to eat carrots


Bugs Bunny, at one point, was having such an impact on carrot sales that the Utah Celery Company of Salt Lake City actually offered to keep all the studio's staffers well supplied with celery if Bugs would only switch from carrots to celery.

10. His cartoons were the most beautiful

The top two images are from Looney Tunes ("Wackiki Wabbit" and "What's Opera, Doc?"). The bottom is from Disney's "The Plastic Inventor." The difference is shocking. Looney Tunes were more modern and turned cartoons into a respectable art form.

8. Alot

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Bugs Bunny is a proud gender bender. More often than not, Bugs will end up in drag to trick or confuse whoever's pursuing him and almost always he plants a kiss on them before running off.

7. And might have even made some of us question our own sexuality

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Yeah ... me neither.

6. He actually change the meaning of words (and invented few fake ones)

The word "nimrod" didn't always mean idiot. Nimrod was actually a biblical character known for his skill as a hunter. When Bugs Bunny called Elmer Fudd first "nimrod" he was saying it ironically, but no one got the joke.

Bugs was also a master of malapropisms and often used the word "maroon" instead of "moron" and "ignoramus" instead of "ignoramus." Sadly those ones didn't catch on as well.

5. His cartoons inspired a generation of opera stars

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When the Kennedy Center performed Wagner's 17-hour Ring Cycle this year, the Wall Street Journal interviewed many of performers and found that "For many, “What’s Opera, Doc?” was their first glimpse of opera and Wagner.

Mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton even said, “I had never been exposed to opera music before Bugs Bunny.”

4. And Tina Fey

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Tina Fey, being spot on, as usual, and showing how important Bugs Bunny cartoons were for all us ... okay, maybe not all of us.

3. And just about every comedian since - From Jerry Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld, to the Simpsons and South Park

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Above we have rare footage of Jerry Lewis with one of Bugs Bunny's second cousins.

1. He's the ultimate comic hero, who always wins ... except one time

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In 76 years his character has never had to change. Bugs Bunny is a perfect combination of everything we could ever want in a character - He can high brow, he can be low brow. He's cool under pressure, but he knows how to be a little crazy. When the world gets tough with Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny gets tough right back. In a way, we'd all like to be a bit more like Bugs Bunny -- that cunning, that indomitable, that free.

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