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    13 Vegan Recipes That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into An Authentic Mexican Cocina

    Finally surrender to the taco-eating monster that has always been inside you.

    1. Soy Chorizo

    Store bought soy chorizo not spicy enough for you? Take this recipe from phamfatale and make it your own!

    2. Tempeh Fish Tacos

    No bones, no dolphins, all the fish flavor from vegobsession.

    3. Green Chili & Lentil Tamales

    These vegan tamales from cheekykitchen are completely authentic, down to the extensive cook time! Check out the recipe here!

    4. Tofu Pastor Tacos

    Marinade and fry up some tofu with great citrus flavor! Check out the full recipe at thefriendlyveg!

    5. Cashew Horchata

    This cashew cream horchata is perfect for cooling down after a spicy salsa! Find the recipe at vedgedout!

    6. Jackfruit Carnitas

    View this video on YouTube

    Jump on the jackfruit trend and get your carnitas fix with this recipe at everydaydish!

    7. "Chicken" Taquitos

    Make a day out of preparing these chicken-less taquitos, then freeze them for a middle school flashback! A big thanks to thetolerantvegan for the recipe!

    8. Portabello Asada Tacos

    These Portabello Asada tacos are sure to make your mouth water! Find the full recipe from lesliedurso!

    9. Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes

    Like your chocolate cupcakes with a little kick? Check out this recipe from strawberrypepper!

    10. Tofu Breakfast Taco

    Native Foods is one of the best vegan restaurants out there, if you don't believe it then try this breakfast taco recipe from their blog!

    11. Vegan Shrimp Taco

    Let the flavor of these vegan shrimp tacos wash over you! Get the full recipe here!

    12. Vegan Mole

    An amazingly authentic recipe for oaxacan mole! Look at the full recipe here!

    13. Vegan Chicken Taco Shepherds Pie

    A great vegan fusion recipe from fittingintovegan!