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10 Reasons Louise Belcher Would Be Your Best Friend

"It's Louise As In 'Geez, Louise! You're The Best!"

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1. She's not afraid to tell the truth.

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Honesty is the best policy.

2. She picks the best costumes.

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Who Doesn't Love Edward Scissorhands?!

3. She understands everyone's wants and needs.

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Money Can Buy Happiness.

4. She's open to new ideas.

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Who hasn't wanted to pull a Heisenberg?


5. But she's also safety conscious.

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Safety first!

6. Like, super safety conscious.

7. She has her priorities in order.

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Fun size is for suckers.

8. She pulls the best pranks.

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Who doesn't love a great prank?

9. She also tells the best jokes.

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Who doesn't need a good laugh?

10. All in all, she's just the best.


She's nice, honest, sweet, and ruthless — all wrapped up into one!

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