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32 Things You'll Experience As An Unemployed College Grad

Reality is a wake-up call.

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1. The thrill of graduation / Via

2. Boundless optimism about the future


3. The Party

4. The post-grad "grace period"

5. Moving back in with your parents

6. Rediscovering your most important relationship

7. Sweatpants!!


8. Getting asked what you're doing with your life

9. Or when you're going to get a job


10. Constant nagging about being productive

emsdouchebagjar / Via

11. Giving up on caring


12. Breakdown of familial relations

13. Rethinking that liberal arts degree


14. Realizing that sitting around is getting old

15. And just how poor you really are / Via

16. Deciding to get your shit together

17. Exaggerating on your resume

18. Interviews

19. More interviews

20. Too many interviews

21. A phone call from an unfamiliar number....


23. Time to get your own place!!

24. Strolling in on your first day of work

25. By Day 2

26. Realizing that having a job isn't all its cracked up to be

27. That "real life" is hard work

28. And that you have no idea what you want

29. Deciding to enjoy the moment in spite of it all

30. Taking ownership of your new situation

31. Embracing what comes your way, good or bad

32. And savoring the little victories

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