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    12 Times Baristas Identified With Taylor Swift

    Baristas and Taylor in harmony. #swiftbucks

    1. When you're making Shaken Iced Teas.

    Big Machine Records

    I'm just gonna shake.

    2. When a customer wants a detailed description of every drink, but then just orders black coffee.

    Big Machine Records

    Those fancy drinks are too sissy for me.

    3. When you go a little overboard on your coffee intake.

    Big Machine Records

    Free coffee + Poor self control = chronic insomnia

    4. When being polite starts to get difficult.

    Big Machine Records

    Even at 5 a.m., people want you to be disgustingly perky.

    5. When you're marking cups.

    Big Machine Records

    I didn't actually understand you when you told me your name, so I'm just going to guess.

    6. When the customer who orders the same thing every day still can't tell you what they want.

    Big Machine Records

    "She knows what I want" doesn't help.

    7. When a herd of 13-year-old girls come in.

    Big Machine Records

    "I need 12 vanilla bean frappucinos and 6 'secret menu' drinks."

    8. When that unexpected rush finally ends.

    Big Machine Records

    Thank god.

    9. When it's almost time to close the store.

    Big Machine Records

    So. Close.

    10. When you see that customer in the parking lot.

    Big Machine Records

    I'll just... be in the back...

    11. When you really need someone to come back from their break.

    Big Machine Records

    Because customers always know when you're down a man. They know.

    12. When stragglers won't take the hint that you're closed.

    Big Machine Records

    Please take your laptop and pretend to be productive somewhere else.

    But don't worry.

    Shake It Off

    You got this.