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I Met Some Other People Called Jeremy Hunt, And It Was Amazing

Following a fascinating series of interviews with Jeremy Corbyn's primary school classmates, this time I tracked down some of the namesakes of Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. Here's what they have to say about sharing a name with one of Britain's most controversial politicians!

Dom Hewett 3 years ago

Nick Knowles: Flirtation Superhero

Following successful interviews with Alan Titchmarsh and Noel Edmonds, I secured an interview with Nick Knowles, the former DIY SOS presenter. We discussed his career, his upbringing, and life in the spotlight. And he revealed all his best flirting tips.

Dom Hewett 3 years ago

Mysterious Riddles All Jeremy Corbyn Supporters Need To Answer

The surprise election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader last September heralded a great opportunity for the British Left. Yet there is no denying that the road has been bumpy, and Corbyn’s leadership has come under considerable criticism – some fair, some less so. Here are six thorny word puzzles that all of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters need to be able to answer:

Dom Hewett 3 years ago

I Met Jeremy Corbyn's Primary School Classmates, And It Was Amazing

Following literally an hour of extensive research, I managed to secure interviews with a number of the embattled Labour leader's former classmates. We discussed their memories of Jeremy as a youngster, and considered what his schoolboy antics can teach us about his leadership strategies.

Dom Hewett 3 years ago

A Chat With Noel Edmonds: Master Of Revels

'Deal or No Deal' host and former Radio 1 DJ Noel Edmonds chats about serving the gods of gaiety. Read on for Edmonds' thoughts on game shows, the licence fee, and tonight, when wine will flow and merriment will reign supreme.

Dom Hewett 3 years ago

A Walk With Alan Titchmarsh: Prince Of Darkness

Much loved television presenter Alan Titchmarsh, the Demon Gardener, took me for a walk around his garden and told me about his malevolent ways. Here's what he had to say about gardening, the BBC, and those who dwell in shadow.

Dom Hewett 3 years ago