CGTV Expands into Feature Film Realm

Hybrid production company Cap Gun TV (CGTV) develops, produces and markets original content for multiple platforms. The company's leaders have recently announced a partnership with Blenkov & Schønnemann Pictures in producing acclaimed filmmaker Jeppe Rønde's upcoming narrative feature film, which has the working title of "Suburbs." A dramatic exploration of a well-known suicide trend in Bridgend County, Wales, the film represents CGTV's first foray into the world of feature film production. Shot on-location in and around Bridgend, "Suburbs" features many locals appearing in key roles. Rønde is currently in post-production on the project, and anticipates its debut this Autumn at a prominent international film festival. CGTV innovates new ways of funding and distribution within the landscapes of both traditional and new media, connecting filmmakers, producers and writers to develop content for broadcast, film, digital and video on demand. The group creates digital development pipelines that incubate micro-content into larger, fully realized properties, while collaborating with clients to discover new ways of integrating brand participation into original content. "We believe that a content renaissance is upon us. Filmmaking has never been more accessible for creators and their audiences. It is our mission to make a meaningful contribution, to entertain, tell great stories, create memorable characters, and to capture unforgettable imagery." To learn more please visit

Leviathan's Jason White Brings Experiential Media and Projection Mapping's Future to FITC Toronto

Jason White is the executive creative director for creative studio Leviathan, which he co-founded in 2010 and quickly built into an industry leader in creating phenomenal visual experiences that maximize all media platforms. Among the studio's most high-profile projects to-date are Amon Tobin's "ISAM Live" - which won the 2012 FITC Best Animation Award, was featured in the 2012 Communication Arts Interactive Annual and was shortlisted in the 2012 AICP Next Awards - along with other buzz-worthy feats for musical artists Drake and Skrillex and major brands including Callaway, Dodge, HP, Samsung, Scion and The North Face, to name but a few. Prior to his experiences with Leviathan, Jason co-founded Chicago's Lift Motion Design under the auspices of the Filmworkers Club, where he worked with leading agencies and many of the world's top brands. A graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art, early in his career Jason achieved wide recognition in fine arts. So far in 2014, Jason has presented at FITC and Adobe events in Tokyo and Amsterdam, and his next presentation is scheduled for 27 April at FITC Toronto. For FITC Amsterdam, Jason and his Leviathan colleagues produced the event's opening titles. In reviewing that presentation for the Artists and Algorists website, Gemma Carr wrote: "Jason is passionate about creating pieces that the audience can interact with so that they are all making art together... He ended his presentation with a bit of advice which included that you should always collaborate, and that none of these projects would have been possible without the help of several teams."

How The Leviathan "Ghost Box" Experiment Inspired The World

Last month, the principals of creative studio Leviathan decided to unveil their experimental proof-of-concept project entitled "Ghost Box," which they designed to demonstrate how almost any product of any size can be brought to life by projection with you as the director.Distributed to leading creative industry media outlets worldwide as a video with a short description, the hope was to ignite enthusiasm and excitement around the project and Leviathan's vision, artistry and craftsmanship. As shown in the demo video, Leviathan's first application for Ghost Box was an interactive art installation involving music from Waveplant, but they also revised it into a custom car configurator. The video concludes, "Such technologies could be used for anything from a storefront window to a large-scale event," and asks: "Now that we know it's possible, what do you want to build?" Here are some responses. Australian Creative: "Here's a product demo that creatives will actually love to work with." "Imagine anything, realized with 3D printing, projection, interaction, illusion. It seems there are extraordinary possibilities to build on the basic concept." Derivative (publisher of project-central Touchdesigner software): "A very fine achievement from Leviathan and music foundry Waveplant." Digital Arts Magazine: "The Ghost Box lets customers digitally customise physical objects in store." PSFK: "The Ghost Box allows customers to develop a relationship with a product where they feel like co-creators." This unique project and others from the studio are opening many exciting new doors. This week Leviathan will host the Women in Film Chicago 2014 Kick-Off Party, and its principals are also set to appear on stage at these upcoming events. 15-16 Feb.: Jason White presenting at FITC Tokyo 24-25 Feb.: Jason White presenting at FITC Amsterdam 8 Mar.: Chad Hutson presenting at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas 27-29 Apr.: Jason White presenting at FITC Toronto

It's All About Integration At Creative Agency ATTIK

The principals of global creative agency ATTIK are very proud to announce the relaunch of as a simple, engaging showcase presenting case studies for many of its most recent hallmark projects. Focusing on ATTIK’s strengths as an integrated agency offering expertise in Branding, Advertising and Digital, the new website reflects the agency's long tradition for conceptual design. In the words of ATTIK's co-founder and executive creative director Simon Needham, "We have created a site experience where the work is center stage, and where the brand truths that we set out to communicate in our work shine through across all viewing devices and platforms."

Upcoming #BWSANFRANCISCO Show at 472 Gallery SF

SF-based and Melbourne-based are currently inviting submissions for a mobile photography art exhibition at 472 Gallery SF. The submission deadline is Monday, April 15.

From Thornberg & Forester LA With Love

The principals of award-winning design and digital production company Thornberg & Forester (T&F) are very proud to announce the opening of their new Los Angeles studio and detail their contributions to the latest global campaign for Bisquit Cognac via Paris-based creative agency VERSUS. Agence VERSUS ( is a new shop led by its president Emmanuel Bideault with co-founder/art directors Guillaume Alix, Maxime Boizel and Ambroise Louart, and digital consultants Gregory Guedj and Bertrand Serrano. Since last year, VERSUS has been engaged by Distell Group Limited to relaunch the Bisquit brand with a new web presence and a multifaceted international cross-media marketing campaign. Key campaign artwork, including a :30 brand film now live at which is launching across selected social media channels for the brand, has been created by T&F. More information on Thornberg & Forester and all the company's latest developments is available at