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    19 Life Lessons Aziz Ansari Taught Us

    If you've got a problem, Aziz Ansari DEFINITELY has the answer!!!

    1. There are haters everywhere.

    2. How to signal a potentially dangerous situation.

    3. How to end bullying.

    4. How to properly spend your check.

    5. A parent should be ever vigilant!

    6. How to make all your dreams a reality.

    7. Be honest with people.

    8. There's nothing wrong with a little confidence.

    9. Do unto others as they have done to you.

    10. Know what you want in a spouse.

    11. You will always have responsibilities.

    12. Splurge once in a while.

    13. How to partaayy!!!

    14. How to get a phone upgrade.

    15. How to set goals.

    16. Learn from your mistakes.

    17. Ask the important questions.

    18. Always end the night tastefully.

    19. And ALWAYS keep it classy.