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19 Ways You Reacted Like Jon Stewart In College

Jon Stewart, kicking ass and taking names. College Style!

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1. When your professor announces a mandatory film screening.

But...class is over

2. When someone disapproves of your procrastination.

3. In weird moments, laugh at yourself.

yes it id Jon, yes it did.

4. Skepticism is your friend.

Coming soon to ports near you..

5. When someone asks if you've done the reading.

why would you ask that?

6. When you can tell someone else didn't do the reading.

Or is that what you sound like....

7. Your reaction to a Monday Test.

Do you even know what a weekend is

8. How professors explain their reading list.

9. When you find out you're the Designated the party.

...I will have my revenge

10. When a professor says today's lesson might be on the test.

And I might decide to pay attention

11. When someone tells you not to procrastinate this time.

I know...but the internets..

12. Writing your paper the night before it's due.

Google has the answers

13. When you see the photos from last night's party.

what am I wearing...

14. If someone talks while your show is on.

The Khaleesi is on.

15. When your selfie looks better than you thought.

damn we look good!

16. When someone asks how senior year is.

17. When your favorite dean walks by.

18. When you get a text saying "heyyy"

19. When the reading isn't online.


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