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12 Pet Peeves You Can't Stand!

You know, those things that make you want to scream!

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1. When Someone reads over your shoulder.

Like your friend is doing right now...

2. When someone is talking while your crush walks by.

Shut up! They're coming this way

3. When you realize you're out of wine.

4. The misuse of your vs. you're.

5. When you show up at your friend's house to go out...and they're still not ready.

But it's been 2 hours

6. When someone sits at your table, THEN asks if it's alright.

No, I wasn't alone for a reason..I wanted your company.

7. When your song comes on...but your friend can't sing.

8. When someone wants to see one picture on your phone, and they scroll though them all.

Really? Your finger slipped?

9. When your friends are going out..and they say your ex will be there.

Isn't there anywhere else to go??

10. When someone complains about their first world problems.

It must be so hard to go a day without chai.

11. When someone asks why you un-friended them.

I don't even know you!

12. When someone starts telling "quick" a story, and you realize it's not quick.

30 minutes later..

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