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7 Things You Never Knew About Driving Instructors

We all know that choosing a driving instructor can be a bit daunting - it can be hard knowing where to start. Knowing these 7 things can help.

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1. Driving instructors are the only people who can charge for lessons


If you're taught by one of the characters from GTA, chances are you won’t pass your test the first time.

Plus, it’s illegal for anyone to charge you money for a driving lesson if they aren’t approved by the government. They have to be either fully qualified and approved, or a trainee instructor.

A good way to make sure you find one who is fully approved is to look on DVSA’s find driving schools, lessons and instructors service.

A quick way to check your instructor is legal is by making sure they've got their driving instructor badge in the windscreen.

If you think you or your mate is being taught by an illegal driving instructor, drop us a private message on Twitter or Facebook and we’ll look into it for you.

2. The cheapest doesn’t mean the best


When it comes to what instructors charge, we know how annoying it can be having to ring around to find out.

Using DVSA’s service gives you links to instructors' websites in your area, so you can you can compare their prices.

Remember - the cheapest definitely doesn’t always mean the best.

Lots of cheap lessons and failed tests could end up costing you more than lessons that are a bit more expensive, but that you need less of.

3. They all have regular criminal record checks


Driving instructors have enhanced criminal record checks to make sure they’re fit to teach you.

Nobody wants to be taught by a drug-fuelled baseball bat-wielding maniac... well, unless you’re caught up in a zombie apocalypse with Negan and the rest of the cast from the Walking Dead.

4. They all have a grade - and you should ask for it


Every driving instructor in England, Scotland and Wales has a grade for how well they teach.

Here’s where it gets a bit complicated - there are 2 grading systems in use at the moment - just like this year’s GCSEs.

The new one has grades A, B and Fail. Simple.

The old one (which some instructors still have), has grades from 1 (Theon Greyjoy) to 6 (Jon Snow).

Ask your instructor what their grade is - the best ones will have it on their website.

5. They can agree to a code about their behaviour


Good driving instructors will be signed up to the driving instructor code of practice.

It shows they promise to be professional, keep you safe and treat you with respect.

You can tell if your driving instructor is signed up to this by checking if they display this logo on their website.

Driving instructor National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) / Via

Remember - they’re your driving instructor, not your best friend. Are you really ok with them liking all your pics on Insta? #keepthefilter

6. The best driving instructors never stop learning


Even the most experienced driving instructors can learn new things.

There’s a scheme for driving instructors who do at least 7 hours of development every year - the fancy name for it is ‘continuing professional development’.

It means they’re keeping up to date with changes in car technology, teaching techniques, business and other important things.

Why should you care? Well, it all helps you learn how to be a good driver. If your driving instructor’s skills and knowledge aren't on fleek, it’s unlikely yours will be either.

Look out for the logo to see if your instructor is taking part.

Driving instructor National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) / Via

7. So you’ve picked your instructor… then find you really don’t get on with them

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get on with your instructor, although it’ll make it easier to learn - you can always find another one.

Don’t think that there’s something wrong with you or them if you don’t get on - especially if they keep spoiling the latest episode of GoT before you’ve seen it.

But, if there’s something more serious about their behaviour that you’re not happy with – tell us.

You can complain to the driving school and DVSA. Again, if you think your instructor’s a bit dodgy send us a DM on Twitter.

If you’re looking for a new instructor, you can find one on the find driving schools, lessons and instructors service.

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