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Coping With Results Day

A-Levels! Hooray! Or tears! Hooray or tears. Hmmm.

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Here's hoping the day goes well - best of luck.

Whatever occurs, remember A-Levels aren't everything. Life will continue to happen - it doesn't just stop if you miss a grade or two.

So it finally happened. Results day. Not that you've been tense waiting.

You've beaten that moment when Ucas Track looked like it might not work.

It soon gave into your demands. Victory!

Which is good. Because you were starting to scare people.

Which is good. Because you were starting to scare people.

If you got the grades you need, it's time to celebrate. Your parents are on it.


(Thanks Mum. Thanks Dad.)

The night is your time to shine.

You just know the evening is going to go like this.


Yup, THAT drunk. (Hooray!)

...but if your grades aren't what you wanted...


Sir, Madam - I demand a recount!

...part of you won't be able to believe it.

Though, of course, you'll end up making out like it's not a problem.

Of course you are. Just a little confused.

And you'll have to cope with your friends.

So now it's decision time. Gap year?

Tempting. Definitely tempting.
Via Chris Ritter -

Tempting. Definitely tempting.

Somehow, something about working at home all year just doesn't appeal...

Via Comedy Central

So you start to read about 'clearing', 'firm choices', 'withdrawal' and so on.

After working your way through every clearing article ever, you're good to go. This is your time to work that phone.


Just remember, preparation is key. Have your grades to hand (this means not just your A-levels, but your AS levels and GCSE's too) and your UCAS number, and some paper, to make notes of everything.

But, uh, yeah. Some of those calls don't go so great.

Then (perhaps through magic) you're put through to an admissions tutor. Who promptly asks you about yourself.


Dammit brain, I need you right now.

Then it happens. An offer is made.


OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD. Somebody loves me. Thank fuck for that.

'Thank you very much. I'll consider your offer.' That's what you say, at least. Your voice strangely calm, your stomach bouncing like a puppy on a leash.


...and then it's a race to Ucas track to confirm your place.

And that's it. Nothing so bad. Now, to make good on your original intentions: time to practice for fresher's week.


Excited much?!

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