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    10 Queer Swimwear Brands For The Summer

    10 new queer swimwear brands you need to know about to look your best this summer.

    1. Nero New York

    2. SYS Company

    3. SOTO X WEAR

    4. SPOILED BOI Swimwear

    Adriano, SPOILED BOI / Via

    SPOILED BOI is based in New York City. It was born for those who believe men can also be sensitive and passionate and can love fashion without restrictions. It is here to indulge bois with beautiful, sexy, good quality and well-made pieces. Each garment is a limited edition and is intended to get all the attention at the beach, pool parties and clubs its wearer deserves. Check them out here.

    5. Wave ModaEtica

    6. Osmari

    7. Aronik Swim

    8. Hercules New York


    10. Desiderio Beachwear

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