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Paid PostApr 8, 2016

11 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner For Better Sex

Did you know that being in control of your sex life is a major turn-on for your partner? So let’s talk about sex…

Sex: How often do you talk about it?

It's easier said than done, but opening up about your sexual desires is the best way to keep your sex life fun and exciting.

1. What do I do during sex that makes you think, OMG HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?

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2. What more can I do to show how DAMN SEXY I think you are?

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"Tell. Me. Everything."

3. Ponder to yourself and tell me, what has been THE greatest sexual experience with me so far?

4. Just how much does it turn you on when I take control?

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Being in control is totally sexy, and even asking your partner to wear a condom can be a turn-on!

5. Can you guess my favourite position?

6. How would you describe your ideal sex life?

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Frequency, duration, location – just let it all out!

7. More or fewer cuddles? / Via

Too much?

8. Mornings or evenings?

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Evenings, obvs.

9. If you could have sex with me literally anywhere in the universe, where would it be?

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No matter where you are, carrying a condom will mean you're in control!

10. Shall we go to bed early tonight? / Via

Just arrived home after work? There's no time like the present...

11. Shall we stop this conversation and just have sex, like, RIGHT NOW?

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What questions do you ask to improve your sex life? Tell us in the comments below!

Confidence is totally sexy, so don't just go with the flow when it comes to sex. Carrying a condom shows you're in control of the moment and of your future. After all, being in control is sexy. Find out more with Durex.