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15 Reasons Wearing Next To Nothing Would Be The Way To Live

If everyone were naked, let's just say a lot of problems would be solved. Luckily, Durex® RealFeel™ can help you feel every move during the most entertaining naked activity of all...

1. Shopping would be a lot easier.

robokow / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: robino

"Naked is still a good look for fall? Score. I have tons of naked in my closet. I'm so fashion forward."

2. And no more embarrassment over wearing the same outfit as someone else to a party.

"I just ADORE what you're not wearing! It looks killer on you."

3. Streaking would no longer tempt ne'er-do-wells.


If everyone's naked all the time, it's just rude to take a jog across an active game.

4. Manscaping would be elevated to a fine art.

MattysFlicks / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 68397968@N07

And a new way to cheer for your favorite sports teams!

5. You'd always be properly dressed for whatever occasion arises.


"Excuse me, front desk? I locked myself out of my room, naked. YOU know how it is. Anyway, do you have a spare key? Fantastic. Wonderful. Thanks so much, bye."

6. You'd know exactly what you'd be getting on a first date...


And just imagine what online dating profiles would look like.

7. ...while also instantly sizing up your competition.


Get it? Sizing? Get it? Do you get it?



8. You can get a nice breeze when you're working up a sweat...

ibm4381 / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: j_benson

No need for expensive wicking fabrics!

9. ...which means no more disgusting, sweaty workout clothes lying around your house.

pescatello / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: mikelewis

Showering at the gym is 100% more reasonable if you don't have to pack a change of clothes.

10. You're always dressed for every occasion.

SuperFantastic / CC BY 2. / Via Flickr: superfantastic

Going swimming? Nice. Going clubbing? Great. Meeting your date's parents? Let's do this.

11. Noooooooo taaaaaaaan liiiiiiiiines!


12. Hats would FINALLY get the attention they deserve.


Putting the statement into statement hat.

13. And you'll always have a hook to hang them wherever you go!



14. Every slapdash selfie becomes an artistic nude.

conrado / Via Shutterstock

#nofilter #iwokeuplikethis

15. And most importantly, these little guys wouldn't get such a bad rap anymore:


We'd finally relate.