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15 Reasons Wearing Next To Nothing Would Be The Way To Live

If everyone were naked, let's just say a lot of problems would be solved. Luckily, Durex® RealFeel™ can help you feel every move during the most entertaining naked activity of all...

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5. You'd always be properly dressed for whatever occasion arises.

Via tumblr.4gifs.com

"Excuse me, front desk? I locked myself out of my room, naked. YOU know how it is. Anyway, do you have a spare key? Fantastic. Wonderful. Thanks so much, bye."

9. ...which means no more disgusting, sweaty workout clothes lying around your house.

pescatello / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: mikelewis

Showering at the gym is 100% more reasonable if you don't have to pack a change of clothes.

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