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15 Places Where Only Incredibly Mature People Can Live

These towns are NSFG (not suitable for the giggly). Put on your adult hat and take a tour of the English-speaking world's most suggestively named locales. Then head over to Facebook to vote for what you think is the Sexiest Place on Earth and enter for your chance to actually go there.

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11. Climax, Saskatchewan

Pete Ryan, National Geographic / Getty Images

FUN FACT: The town appears in the game Trivial Pursuit, the question being "what appears on the other side of the town's welcome sign?"

Answer: "Come again!"

12. Assawoman Bay, Maryland

Angie Garrett / Via Flickr: smoorenburg

FUN FACT: "Little Assawoman Bay," as it is sometimes called, extends into southern Delaware. The larger bay of the Assawoman Sound is sometimes called "Big Assawoman Bay", to distinguish it from the smaller bay.

14. Rough and Ready, California

Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views. / United States. / States / California. / Stereoscopic views of the giant sequoia of California. / Via

FUN FACT: In April of 1850 the mining town seceded from the union and formed The Great Republic of Rough and Ready, the world's smallest's nation. It would later rejoin the U.S.