8 Romantic Foods (And Spicy Things To Do With Them)

Confused about where to start with your date night dinner menu? Here are 8 base ingredients to start with, and the various ways you can make them interesting.

1. Chocolate

Chocolat / Via youtube.com

If Chocolat taught us anything about the power of this particular sweet, it’s that it inspires intimacy. Try feeding it to each other, or making an easy Chocolate dish at home.

2. Frosted Cakes

Julie and Julia / Via youtube.com

Let Meryl Streep demonstrate proper feeding form in Julie and Julia. Nothing says intimacy like feeding each other luscious sweets.

3. Rose Petals

Like Water For Chocolate / Via youtube.com

You probably didn’t know rose petals are both romantic and edible. Use them in that crazy dish from Like Water For Chocolate and see if you can brandish similar (but not exactly the same) results. It’s rumored to inspire a certain fiery passion.

4. Strawberries and Champagne

Pretty Woman / Via youtube.com

Eat them together to really bring out the flavors of these two romantic foods, both known aphrodisiacs and linked to romantic activity in almost every scenario they appear in.

5. Animal Crackers?

Armageddon / Via forums.sexyandfunny.com

Animal Crackers don’t seem particularly romantic but Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler demonstrated otherwise in Armageddon. Follow their example, right down to the exploration turning from innocent to erotic.

6. Chili Peppers

Woman On Top / Via youtube.com

You might recall from Woman On Top, the spice of a chili pepper really works wonders on the lips, and as a result, on the rest of the body.

7. Cherries

Twin Peaks / Via youtube.com

The oldest romantic food trick in the book — perfecting the art of tying stem in a knot with your tongue suggests an expertise in certain other practices.

8. ADVANCED CLASS: Whipped Cream

Varsity Blues / Via plus.google.com

This one is NOT for beginners. If you’re looking to take it to the next level, try using a bottle of whip cream as an outfit. Guaranteed to take the atmosphere to new extremes, as demonstrated by Ali Larter in this classic scene from Varsity Blues.

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