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12 Inspiring Acts Of Love For Your Significant Other

Love is a dynamic emotion, and deserves more than a static reaction. Is your heart bursting? Today's the day to do something about it. Get inspired to act on your feelings with these memorable moments in the history of emoting. Get closer, so you can go farther.

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5. Remember how Ennis discovered Jack kept his shirt after all those years?

Focus Features, Brokeback Mountain / Via

You should always let your partner know how sentimental you are. It's genuinely touching and affectionate when you keep small trinkets to remind yourself of them.

6. Remember when John shows up to the wedding and gives this speech to Claire?

New Line Cinema, Wedding Crashers / Via

"But not me. Not right now. Because the person I love the most is standing right here. And I'm not ready to lose you just yet." It's never too late.