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    10 TV Deaths That Were So Intense We Had To Pause The Show For A Second

    I hope you can read this through your tears! *WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!*

    1. When Klaus and Elijah sacrificed themselves for the greater good on The Originals.

    Joseph Morgan as Klaus Mikaelson and Daniel Gillies as Elijah Mikaelson in the show "The Originals."
    The CW

    I know they did a bunch of bad things (and when I say a bunch, I mean a whole LOT of it), but they had two of the greatest redemption arcs ever shown in a TV show. Their sacrifice for the sake of Hope and, consequentially, the entire world just proves that they were capable of good.

    2. When Castiel sacrificed himself to save Dean right after confessing his love to him on Supernatural.

    Misha Collins as Castiel in the show "Supernatural."
    The CW

    When Castiel started his speech, we all knew what was coming. But, his confession was SO beautiful that we all kind of got lost in the beauty of it. So, when the time finally came when he got consumed by the empty (Yep, that is a real thing in the show), I couldn’t help but plead for him not to die like that.

    3. When Elizabeth 'Liz' Forbes very randomly died in a very tragic way

    Candice King as Caroline Forbes sits at the hospital beside of her mother, Marguerite MacIntyre as Liz Forbes, as she passes away.
    The CW

    Elizabeth Forbes, aka Sherriff Forbes, was one of, if not THE most likable characters in the TVD universe. Her death was extremely unpredictable and no one really saw it coming. Her flashbacks with her daughter, Caroline, were extremely bittersweet, which made her death just that much more sad.

    *Cries forever.*

    4. When Justin Foley was killed out of nowhere just for the sake of shock value on 13 Reasons Why.

    Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen and Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley in the show "13 Reasons Why."

    If there is one character who deserved happiness more than anyone else, it's Justin Foley. From being homeless to developing a drug addiction, he fought many battles, which ultimately led to his painful death. I will forever be bitter about this.

    5. When Dean Winchester died unnecessarily and in a very painful way in the series finale of Supernatural.

    Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in the show "Supernatural."
    The CW

    I know I already have a Supernatural character on this list, but Dean Winchester's death BROKE me. He did NOT deserve to go out like that. He should've had a long happy life where he retired from monster hunting and sips little umbrella drinks while wearing matching Hawaiian shirts with Sam and Cas.

    6. When Bob Newby got eaten by half a dozen demogorgons just before reaching Joyce on Stranger Things.

    Sean Astin as Bob Newby in the show "Stranger Things."

    Bob Newby was one of those characters who slowly grows on you. He was an unsung hero who literally fed himself to the otherworldly monsters to ensure the safety of the people around him. You can NOT watch this scene without ultimately breaking down in tears. Try it. I dare you.

    7. When all our hearts collectively broke when Nairobi was killed on Money Heist.

    Alba Flores as Ágata Jiménez (Nairobi) in the show "Money Heist."

    Nairobi was easily the least hated character on this show. She won almost everyone's hearts with her wit, sense of humor, and overall vibe. While fans were hoping for her reunion with her son, the writers pulled the cruelest twist by killing her off in the most painful way, leaving us all weeping.

    8. When Adam Torres died in a horrible crash on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    Jordan Todosey as Adam Torres in the show "Degrassi: The Next Generation."

    Adam Torres was such a beloved character who had to go through many hardships as a transgender teenager. His death felt like a personal loss.

    9. When J.T. Yorke was horribly murdered on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    Sarah Barrable-Tishauer as Liberty Van Zandt and Ryan Cooley as J.T. Yorke in the show "Degrassi: The Next Generation."

    J.T. was easily my favorite Degrassi character ever. He was so full of life and hope which the audience adored whole heartedly. Losing him felt like losing a best friend!

    10. And last but not the least, when we learned the tragic fate of Hannah Grose on The Haunting of Bly Manor.

    T'Nia Miller as Hannah Grose in the show "The Haunting of Bly Manor."

    Hannah's death came as a shock to viewers because she herself wasn't aware that she was dead for the longest time. The scene when she learned of her murder and accepted her death still sends literal chills down my spine.