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13 Ways You Can Change The World Without Trying

What if you could make a difference by doing things you already do? Through awesome tools like Duolingo, you can make a positive impact without having to drastically change up your routine.

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1. Cuddle a puppy for a day, help train a future assistance dog.


You know you want to cuddle some puppies. There are countless programs, like Dogs With Wings in Canada, that allow you to adopt future assistance dogs to help expose them to different real-life scenarios.

4. Planning to see the world? Make a difference while doing it.


Help build a clinic in Nepal or volunteer in a rainforest in Borneo. With companies like Adventure Alternative, you can spend your time aiding those in need while still getting to travel.

5. Leave your car at home once a week.


By taking advantage of public transportation, you help reduce our country's carbon footprint by 37 million metric tons of carbon emissions each year and save 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline. How about that for making an impact?

6. Recycle!


You have to throw things away every day, so just be selective about how you do it. Recycling reduces landfills, saves trees, conserves energy, creates jobs, and saves money. In fact, the recyclable materials in the U.S. waste stream would generate over $7 billion if they were recycled.

7. De-clutter your closet and help others who may not be able to afford new clothes.


There are plenty of companies you can donate your old clothes to, which helps provide clothes for people who could really use them. It's a win-win situation!

9. Contribute to charities by watching YouTube videos.


With this cool YouTube initiative, charities actually benefit from you watching videos of adorable animals all day! The channel helps with funding by donating a percentage of the associated ad revenue.

10. Help out a charity while you shop!


Every time you shop with Amazon Smile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the price to the charitable organization of your choice. It's no different than shopping online as you normally would, but now you get to make an impact!

Learn a new language, and make language learning possible for people everywhere!


By using Duolingo, you're not only learning a new language, but you're also helping translate real documents from around the world! This is how Duolingo stays free of charge, so that people in need can learn a new language without worrying about the cost.