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    13 "Twilight" Tumblr Posts That Make Me Laugh Every Time I Look At Them

    Yes, I'm still obsessed with Twilight, OK?!

    Hiya, folks. If you were anything like me in 7th grade, you probably read the Twilight Saga (maybe even more than once).

    But nowadays, I'm a mature adult with a refined sense of sophistication and humor.

    Like many of you, I still find myself obsessed with the Twilight Saga. So naturally, I did what any normal person would do in 2020 and did a deep dive into an internet hole to find the best Twilight memes for your viewing pleasure. Here are the winners below:

    1. This important message: / Via

    2. This guy who is all of us: / Via

    3. The real question on all of our minds: / Via

    4. The prime example of Bella's mixed priorities:


    Blink twice if you want us to call for help, Bella.

    5. Okay, these guys made me spit out my coffee:


    6. This John Mulaney Callout:

    7. This beautiful use of sound editing:


    8. How Twilight really ended: / Via

    9. This strange observation:


    Seriously, who did this?

    10. The only correct use of this meme: / Via

    11. The one that makes me feel seen: / Via

    12. The one that shows how far we've come: / Via

    13. And finally, a special treat from Bill Nye to all of us: / Via