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12 Things We All Do To Avoid FOMO

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1. Laughing at a joke that you didn't really hear.

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2. Sending the "Whatchu up 2 today?" text to 45 of your closest friends, just so you know.

3. Going to a party you're not excited about and then lurking in the corner.

4. Enabling notifications for every app, so you don't miss anything.

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5. Considering deleting your Instagram when your friends are on a killer vacation without you.


6. Creating drama that doesn't exist to pacify yourself.

7. Doing something BIGGER and COOLER to one-up the FOMO makers.

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8. Accepting EVERY event invitation, just in case.


9. Changing your Wi-Fi password to a random series of numbers so you can't get online to check up on people.

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10. Setting up a news alert for all of your friends.


11. Carrying around a charger (or five), just in case your phone dies.

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12. And taking tons of photos of yourself having fun to give OTHER people FOMO.

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