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14 Mini Pies That Will Melt Your Heart


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1. Every pie is special, but there's just something about mini pies that kind of... captures our hearts.

Török-Bognár Renáta / Via Getty Images

These guys aren't embarrassed by being the first to arrive.

4. Obviously, mini pies are great because, according to logic, the smaller the mini pie, the more mini pies you can eat.

MSPhotographic / Via

This guy knows the kind of day you've had, and he thinks you've earned the right to indulge.

6. And even though this one is small too, he is mighty because he's campaigning against size-related dessert discrimination:

476063359 / CeliaYu / Moment Open / Getty Images

Do you have a few moments to show your support for mini pies?

8. And these mini pies would like to shake your hand, but they're too embarrassed and shy because you are so much bigger than them!

Duncan Hines

You're gonna have to make the first move. They know, how old-fashioned.

11. And what about this guy? He's totally giving you his best "puppy dog" face! Are you gonna fall for it?!

182141128 / Shawna Lemay / Moment Open / Getty Images

All he wants for Christmas are moon shoes! THAT'S ALL HE WANTS!

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