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    The Amazing Campaign Of Anasha Cummings For Troy City Council

    All of this really happened.

    Anasha Cummings is a giant ginger mensch. In 2015, he ran for an at-large seat on the Troy, New York City Council. Some say it was the best thing to happen to politics since Billy Possum. Here are twenty-some of the most memorable moments.

    1) That time when all the statues in town — and Kareem, and some trees — all mysteriously sprouted red beards. It all started with that time.

    2) And that time Rocco and Laban, yep that's Laban, and a whole bunch of other people helped Anasha announce his campaign.

    3) That time WNYT Ch. 13 News Anchor Phil Bayly said on air that Anasha is known for looking like the character Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies.

    4) That time The Record put four photographs of Anasha's red-bearded face in one article.

    5) That time there were four Sound Offs about how there were four photos of Anasha's bearded face in one article in The Record.

    6) The time when this was the most popular baseball card among kids in Troy.

    7) The time Kevin McCashion made this #TroyCrazy tweet.

    8) That time Anasha invited us to his first political fundraiser while levitating over a river in front of a waterfall.

    9) That time Anasha first started running in slow motion through water.

    10) That time Anasha ran through a rainbow in slow motion.

    11) That time Anasha ran slow motion through a rainbow in Duncan's hand and then jumped inside of his own head while talking to Molly.

    12) That time people were dancing to DJ Trumastr in the Takk house in front of a giant video projection of Anasha running in slow motion through a rainbow in Duncan's hand and then jumped inside of his own head while talking to Molly.

    13) That time Anasha and campaign volunteers went door-to-door, collecting more than 450 signatures from registered voters to create a Red Beard ballot line for the Nov. 3 general election in Troy.

    14) That time 1000s of wearable red beard campaign masks were on faces all over Troy.

    15) That time when Eric drank an RC Cola through a wearable red beard campaign mask at Famous Lunch.

    16) That time the wearable red beard campaign mask gave an on-air interview at WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

    17) That time Franco's mom endorsed Anasha.

    18) That time Anasha made public information available to the public through the Internet. Mmmmm. Yeah.

    19) The time Anasha lost the Democratic primary and became the first Troy politician to openly campaign in the cemetery (with Robert Ross backing him).

    20) That time Anasha made a music video for his campaign jingle to raise money to "robo-call" his jingle to 6,000 registered voters in Troy.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Anasha Est

    21) That time when Anasha only raised $25 to "robo-call" his Jingle. And he "robo-called" it anyway. While the other campaigns were making robo-calls with stolen 911 tapes and phony push polls attacking each other. / Via Anasha Est

    22) That time it got a little beardy on Halloween just before the election.

    23) That time Anasha lost his race in the general election and hosted a "Campaign Hangover Brunch" to keep the people engaged.