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The Amazing Campaign Of Anasha Cummings For Troy City Council

All of this really happened.

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Anasha Cummings is a giant ginger mensch. In 2015, he ran for an at-large seat on the Troy, New York City Council. Some say it was the best thing to happen to politics since Billy Possum. Here are twenty-some of the most memorable moments.

12) That time people were dancing to DJ Trumastr in the Takk house in front of a giant video projection of Anasha running in slow motion through a rainbow in Duncan's hand and then jumped inside of his own head while talking to Molly.

13) That time Anasha and campaign volunteers went door-to-door, collecting more than 450 signatures from registered voters to create a Red Beard ballot line for the Nov. 3 general election in Troy.

20) That time Anasha made a music video for his campaign jingle to raise money to "robo-call" his jingle to 6,000 registered voters in Troy.

View this video on YouTube / Via Anasha Est

21) That time when Anasha only raised $25 to "robo-call" his Jingle. And he "robo-called" it anyway. While the other campaigns were making robo-calls with stolen 911 tapes and phony push polls attacking each other. / Via Anasha Est
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