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10 Places For Maternity Clothing That Will Make Your Pregnancy Glow

Just because you're going to be a mom doesn't mean you need to dress like a matron.

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1. ASOS for staying on trend

Short and sweet / Via

Trendy, affordable, easy... once you're able to actually find the site for it. While not part of the main drop down menu (for reasons I can't fathom), if you google "ASOS Maternity" you'll find a link to a page full of trendy goodies. Best part - easy peasy free returns.

2. COS for looks that last

Girl meets boy... cut / Via

Not technically maternity clothing but COS' more androgynous cuts and boxy silhouettes mean these clothes don't have to be "maternity" clothes so much as just clothes that you're able to also wear during your pregnancy.

4. Zara for jumpsuits and maxi dresses

Plan ahead and all will be well

I personally love Zara's selection of jumpsuits but a word of warning - for those with... erm... sensitive bladders, just plan carefully when wearing a jumpsuit. Getting it on and off definitely adds time to the bathroom routine, could mean the difference between a good night and an embarrassing one. Hooray! The miracle that is childbirth.

5. H&M for jeans that make your legs look fab AF

I like tight jeans and I cannot lie

I loved my H&M Mama brand jeans - soft, stretchy and made my legs and butt look incredible. These were a staple in my closet going on 2 months post birth. Only complaint - they only came in one length - extremely, extremely, extremely long. I'm not sure what kind of gazelle they were designed for but definitely not for your average 5 foot 4 woman.

6. Seraphine if you fancy

If it's good enough for Kate, it's good enough for me

A bit pricy - especially if you think about the fact that you'll only be in these clothes for like four months but hey, you'll be shopping where Kate Middleton shops which basically makes you like BFF

7. Pea in a Pod for those days when you just want to go to one place

One hot momma

Brand names curated into one site because when your ankles are swollen and you're carrying around a 10lb bowling ball bearing down on your bladder, window shopping just isn't as fun as it used to be.

9. Motherhood for leggings... and only leggings

Sensible leggings for any type of lady

Possibly the Dress Barn for maternity wear but damn do they make a great legging. Soft, stretchy, warm and no pills. I practically lived in these post partum. All the ladies who know why, SOLIDARITY, all of those who don't yet... oh ho ho. You'll soon find out.

10. Your local mom who just had babies

The best things in life are free and this goes for maternity clothes. Tap into your online network - In NYC there's Bococa Moms, Upper West Side Moms, Lower East side Moms, Park Slope Parents, South Brooklyn Parents, the groups go on and on - All of them have daily posts with parents unloading loot because, let's face it, once the baby comes, there's not much space for anything else.

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