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FOR GUYS: 8 Tips To Survive Wedding Planning

Love and stress are at an all-time high. Here's how to not die before you walk down the aisle.

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Be her rock.

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Congratulations! You're engaged! Now go plan a wedding. You'll see it's a big bowl of gooey love, OCD preparation, and batshit crazy emotions. And your fiancé will suffer most of it. So be a team player and have her back.

Go nuts on music.

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Your wedding is a lovefest ceremony & epic dance party for your inner circle. When else can you hire a 10 piece New Orleans jazz band? She'll handle flowers – step up and book everyone left in the Jackson 5.

Show her your sensitive side.

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Oh men. We have no idea what kind of pressure every bride faces. The Little Mermaid convinced women to go all out – or else her community will hate her forever. It's crazy, and she knows it too. But she's doing a ton of work – so don't complain when she wants to discuss the color of cocktail napkins when you're watching the Walking Dead.

Choose your battles.

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DON'T bring conflicts with your parents into your own house. DON'T immediately shoot down her vintage Etsy ideas. DON'T freak out over the small stuff.

DO laugh about how crazy the entire process is. DO consider canceling everything and eloping in Hawaii. DO have sex to keep the peace.

Hook up your groomsmen.


Your guys will drop BILLS on a suit, socks, and strippers at your bachelor party. Return the favor. Buy them a custom flask. Pick up the nice Whistlepig bourbon. You're outdoorsy? Get 'em a hunting knife. Then go kill something and eat it together.

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