15 Seinfeld Episodes That Describe Our Lives

Because all of our lives are, essentially, about nothing.

1. Season 7, Episode 24: The Invitations

This is me every time I’ve smoked a cigarette

2. Season 9, Episode 4: The Blood

All men feel this way. Trust me.

3. Season 4, Episode 11: The Contest

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All men struggle this way. Trust me.

4. Season 9, Episode 3: Serenity Now

Sanity later…

5. Season 3, Episode 16: The Fix-Up

It’s never too early to start being cynical.

6. Season 6, Episode 17: The Doorman

The most awkward relationship in NYC

7. Season 7, Episode 5: The Hot Tub

Why my eyebrows are constantly furrowed.

8. Season 8, Episode 3: Bizarro Jerry

We’ve all seen a pair of man hands.

9. Season 2, Episode 6: The Chinese Restaurant

“It’ll be about five…ten minutes.”

10. Season 6, Episode 15: The Beard

Nothing like a little self-deprecation to brighten your day

11. Season 1, Episode 4: Male Unbonding

A.K.A. Drake Syndrome

12. Season 8, Episode 19 - The Yada Yada

If only all meaningless conversations went like this.

13. Season 5, Episode 8: The Barber

Standard procedure at work.

14. Season 3, Episode 11: The Alternate Side

I hate everyone.

15. Season 7, Episode 11: The Rye

Wish I could run like Jerry.

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