12 Signs That You’re An Annoying Stoner

Not that you’d notice.

1. You have clothing with a chronic leaf on it

I wonder if this guy smokes weed.

2. You hang up Snoop Dogg or Bob Marley posters

Not cliche at all.

3. You can’t eat unless you’re high

Or, “How Super Size Me Was Made Possible”

4. …and you never get full

Your stomach becomes a bottomless pit.

5. You can’t do anything without getting high first

Playing sports, seeing a movie, going for a walk. First things first.

6. You’re not the best judge of music

Everything just sounds so amazing. Including this guy.

7. You watch a movie and don’t remember any of it

The “Inception” Effect

8. You’re constantly telling people how much weed you smoke

We get it.

9. You imagine every kind of THC-infused food

Weed pancakes, weed challah, weed porridge, weed curry, weed yogurt…

10. You’re paranoid about everything

“Is that the cops, man!?!?!”

11. You spend inordinate amounts of money and time on equipment

Bongs, bowels, vaporizers, Volcanos. Dad used to just roll doobies.

12. You’re always talking about conspiracy theories

Everything on TV get a super-stoned explanation.

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